. . The Chancel

Entering the chancel, the Battenberg Chapel is to the left and the Royal Pew to the right.

The church is dedicated to St. Mildred, whose statue can be seen to the left of the high altar. An Anglo-Saxon princess who died in about A.D.700, she was a niece of King Egbert of Kent, and the great-granddaughter of Aethelbert, King of Kent, whose wife Bertha was a descendent of the Merovingian Kings of France. Bertha was a Christian, and persuaded her husband to be baptised by St. Augustine in the year 597.

Battenberg Chapel from the Chancel
The Battenberg Chapel from the Chancel  
St. Mildred's mother was Abbess of Minster in the Isle of Thanet and Mildred received her religious instruction at Chelles, near Paris, and was later to succeed her mother as Abbess of Minster, and also of St. Augustine's and St. Gregory's, Canterbury, where her remains were placed in 1033.

The bronze screen on the left, is the work of Sir Alfred Gilbert, who designed the statue "Eros" in Piccadilly Circus, London.