. . The Royal Pew

Armorial Window

On the south side of the Chancel, opposite the Battenberg Chapel, is the Royal Pew which has its own private entrance. King Edward VII ordered pews to be fitted, replacing the more homely chairs which had sufficed for his mother, but the old Queen's original chair is still retained in the centre. The stained glass armorial windows show (from the top) the arms of Queen Victoria, the Prince Consort, and Albert Edward, Prince of Wales (who became King Edward VII). Queen Victoria placed in this Pew memorial tablets to her relations. The most elaborate (on the west wall) being, not surprisingly, that to the Prince Consort.

The Royal Pew
The Royal Pew
The larger memorial among those on the south wall, behind the Queen's chair, commemorates her second daughter, Princess Alice, who married Louis IV, Grand Duke of Hesse. Princess Alice's daughter, Victoria, whose grave is in the churchyard, was the mother of Earl Mount-batten of Burma. To the left of this, on the same wall, is a memorial to the Queen's youngest son, Prince Leopold, Duke of Albany. Above the private entrance is a tablet to two of her grandsons, Prince Sigismund and Prince Waldemar of Prussia, who died in childhood. They were the sons of The Princess Royal, Empress of Germany, the Queen's eldest daughter. Their eldest brother was the Kaiser.